Program Summary:

If you want to take the online, on demand course deeper, this is the workshop for you.”

This training is designed to turn your tough conversations into productive ones that advance your goals and those of others.  Learn a framework to prepare for any tough conversation, foster collaboration and avoid the tendency to blame.

You will complete this course with more confidence and skill so you don’t spend countless hours avoiding and stressing about it or jumping in and making it worse.  Feel more empowered, clear and, most importantly, start to take productive action!

What You Will Learn:

  • Assess whether you should start a conversation
  • Stay cool in the face of hot emotions
  • Open the conversation as collaboratively as you want it to end
  • Separate fact from fiction
  • Separate feelings from fiction
  • Link feelngs to universal needs
  • Develop solutions after you win yourself a hearing and not before


Who Should Attend:

Anyone who has leadership responsibilities – from new supervisors, managers and leader, to experienced leaders and all those wanting to strengthen their conflict competencies as part of their leadership development and modeling.

What People Are Saying:

  • “Your style is warm, inviting and helpful during ‘work’ on such a tough topic..”  Manager, University of Victoria
  • “Great step by step approach.”  Director of Operations, local tourism business
  • “Most valuable – linking feelings to needs exercise.”  Leader, Vancouver Island Health Authority
  • “Helpful in taking the time to sit back & think about the conversation & how to plan for it & be ready for it.”  Lawyer/Manager, Government of British Columbia
  • “Provided a framework for reflecting on my difficult conversations.”  Consultant, Occupational Health Services

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