This summer month I want to offer you a reflection on celebrating.  Summertime can be a time to pause and reflect on what you have accomplished so far. It could be a mid-year reflection: what is to celebrate since January? Perhaps it’s a milestone, like mine earning my Masters degree finally this last spring.  Perhaps it’s a larger reflection on what you have accomplished as a parent, a creative, a worker, a leader.

Whatever the milestone, take the time to think about, journal on and/or discuss what you have to celebrate. If you want to reap what you have sown, take your reflection a step further and reflect on what worked in that accomplishment, what didn’t, and what is to be learned. See what the digging reveals!

Here are some exploratory celebration questions from my colleague Cathryn Lecorre (who found them from Jeannine Yoder).


  1. What am I celebrating?
  2. Why is that worth celebrating?
  3. Why was it an important goal to achieve (an important thing to do)?
  4. How do I feel as a result?
  5. What did I do to achieve the goal?
  6. Who have I become in the process?