I first heard the following quote decades ago, and it’s brought me great comfort: “Joy is the infallible sign of the presence of God.”  … Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

I found these questions recently and they are apparently designed to boost joy.  Try them and report back please!

1. What experiences, however mundane, gave you pleasure today?
2. What praise and feedback did you receive?
3. What were your achievements, however small?
4. What made you feel grateful?
5. How did you express kindness? 

You can see how thinking about these questions can prime you to look for these things. 

A beautiful, even simpler practice (from Emotional Brain Training – www.ebt.org) is to look for 10 “joy points” every day.  The intention at the start of the day is to set out to notice what little things bring you joy.  Is it the moments you hear a beautiful song?  Is it receiving a thoughtful text from a friend wondering how you are feeling?  Is it petting a dog or cat?
These little moments of joy end up becoming a string of pearls stretching out throughout your day.  Beautiful moments make up a life.