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This month my podcast co-host Gordon White and I are cooking up some tasty treats to serve up to you for Season 2 of our launching January 2020.
This last week, we had the privilege of interviewing Martin Winiecki from  Tamara is an intentional community started 40 years ago, based on principles of non-violent communication, environmental sustainability and sacred sexuality.  Quite the potent and provocative combination! 
Martin was originally introduced to Tamera when he was only 15 years old. At 16, he moved there to study in their 3 year educational program, much to the consternation of his parents!  Now, at 29 years old, Martin has their support and he’s grown to become one of the chief spokespeople for Tamera.
You’ll be able to hear the interview with Martin in the New Year when we   launch Season Two, so in the meantime, here is an appetizer for you!
This is a substantial quote from one of the articles Martin sent us as we were preparing for his interview.  Martin is speaking to the power of vision in creating a new future as well as to how vision arises in people. 

Have a read:
“The necessary global shift begins by radically reimagining our civilization. If we have an authentic vision for a nonviolent and regenerative way of life, a culture of solidarity and trust, we’ll be able to midwife the global transition.
This isn’t anything we can make up; a true vision is something fundamentally different from a constructed idea, wishful fantasy or ideology. As we abandon the mainstream mentality of dominant culture, we also overcome the drought of creativity which blocks people from imagining an alternative. We recognize that our spirit is deeply creative and that we always carry vision – this is why we’re alive.
When a vision touches our heart and we allow it to guide our life, we’re driven by our deepest purpose and have enormous energies at our disposal. Yet, we carry vision not only individually, but also collectively. As Ladonna Bravebull Allard of Standing Rock puts it, ‘The shared vision for humanity exists, whether we see it or not.’ Our task is to become receptive for it, to see it, make it visible and activate it, using all means of communication, so that our collective imagination will no longer be driven by dreams of downfall, but elevated by the possibility of worldwide healing and unification.”
What vision for our collective future do you want to bring to life?