Simple Help for Everyday Conflicts


• What if you had a safe way to work out your conflicts!

• What if you could express how you feel, what you need and really be heard!

• Am I dreaming?


Mediator in a Box is like having a real live mediator!

It’s a game that makes tackling tough conversations much less scary! We all learn and grow when we face our differences and work through them to mutual understanding! I know – I’m a mediator!

Mediator in a Box gives you concrete steps to follow and more confidence in having tough conversations.

The training gives you the opportunity to see the Box in action, try it out for yourself and consider how to apply it to your context.

With the Box and the workshop, you’ll walk away with a tool you can use to:

  • prepare for any tough conversation
  • coach other people you know who are struggling with conflict
  • solve your own conflicts with one other person
  • help two other people solve their problems!

If you want to empower yourself and others around conflict, dive deeper into the Box and be the one to bring the training into your team or community.

The training is short, sweet and impactful – just like the Box!  You’ll have a shared resource for how to do conflict together. Powerful! You also get your very own Mediator in a Box to keep and use again and again!

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