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About 8 months ago, Tammy Chambers, an employee at the Justice Institute of BC, asked me if  I wanted to participate in their TEDx talk.  I am a long-time instructor at the JIBC at their Centre for Conflict Resolution and Centre for Leadership.  It was an honour to be asked.  I then had to apply.  The next hurdle was to be vetted by the others in charge, Jennifer Jasper and Kent Highnam.
As I reflect on that experience, I am amazed how many people are so instrumental to anyone’s capacity to create in the world.  Those Justice Institute employees, as well as countless of my friends and colleagues, contributed to making the TEDx experience a highlight of my year.  One memorable moment was sharing the evening and morning with my colleague and friend, Cathryn Lecorre, who was studying to be a Kundalini Yoga Teacher at the time.  She blessed me with my own personal kundalini yoga class on the morning of the TEDx talk!  Can you tell from my presence on stage?
Reflecting on all the big and little ways people contribute to our lives is such a humbling experience.  I feel such gratitude as I reflect on this project.  My most heart-felt thanks go to my mother, who died last January 16, 2019.  She was present throughout the project and especially as this TEDx talk was released on January 16, 2020 – exactly one year since she had died.
I hope you feel the love that went into bringing this project to life as much as I can. You can view the TEDx talk by clicking here.