An ounce of mediation is worth a pound of arbitration and a ton of litigation!” … Joseph Grynbaum

Do you ever have a conflict with someone and wish you could just add water and make a mediator magically appear?  That’s the kind of email I got recently from someone who was going through challenging issues with her husband. She wrote to me asking if I knew of a mediator in her area of the country, as she wanted to talk with her husband about this issue but wasn’t sure how to approach it or how to formulate her thoughts to say what she really wanted him to hear.

She wasn’t sure her husband would want to go see a mediator with her, and I don’t personally know of any mediators to recommend in the city she lives in.  She wrote me this request yesterday, and today I taught my one-day workshop on Mediator in a Box.

Literally in the middle of the workshop today, this question popped into my mind:  “Why didn’t I tell her about Mediator in a Box?”  Here she had been reaching out for help, hoping to find a mediator who might even come into the home in case her husband wouldn’t go out to see one, and I have one of those!  Mediator in a Box is a mediator who is willing to come to your home!  Not only will this Mediator in a Box come to your home, the Box can go with you wherever you want to go.

I found out about the Box a few years ago, as I know one of the two sisters who created the Box.  When I first saw it, I thought it would be a perfect tool for people training to be a mediator, or for people who want to learn to be better/stronger negotiators (as a practice tool).  I was enthusiastic about the Box and let the sisters know of my enthusiasm for their product.  So, when they wanted to retire from marketing and distributing the Box in Canada last year, they offered me the opportunity to be the Canadian distributor.

With so many families planning on gathering together this Christmas, having some way to support having those difficult conversations seems the perfect gift.

Here’s a small sampling of what others, who have been introduced to the Box, have said:

  • “Good framework to help guide me through conflict.”
  • “Following the process in and of itself defuses some of the toxic emotions that can arise in conflicts.”
  • “Practical ways to reframe my own thoughts/issues/feelings.”

I send you my sincerest wishes for a warm and enjoyable holiday season this year – full of meaningful conversations!