“For what we are beginning to wake up to today …is that we have for millenia structured our social institutions and our systems of values precisely in ways that serve to block, distort, and pervert our enormous human yearning for loving connections.… Riane Eisler
Since writing my Environment blog post last month about embracing a new story, the Great Turning instead of only the Great Unraveling, I’ve been thinking about what new story I want to tell myself about our place in the sixth extinction.
I still believe we are dying as a species and taking many others down with us.  That part of my story hasn’t changed.  And, I’ve expanded the story.
Up until now, I saw my role in our collective dying as a type of grief midwife.  I’ve seen death close up and done my fair share of grieving.  I can do this!  I can be with our species and other species dying, as best I can fathom that and process that.
But, in the light of a new story emerging, I also want to give some of my attention to that. The new story for me starts with what I love.  I value and celebrate the arts, compassion, love, beauty, magic, kindness. These are the type of values that resonate with me and those connected to me in whatever ways. 

What does that mean in the context of the world as we know it imploding?

It means we can remind each other that we still hold those ideals.  As we collapse more and more, we will be challenged more and more to “go reptile” – to give in to our baser aspects – our fears in particular. Living in a state of fear is not conducive to celebrating the highest in humanity. 
What helps?
Staying in our hearts.  Staying calm and kind – as the actual pathway to be safe.  We need each other.  We need connection.  When we are stressed and in fear, we want to isolate and turn each other into enemies.  Let’s remind each other that that is an illusion!  We are all ultimately connected. 
Can I invite you to put your hand on your heart?  Yes, right now.  Yes, hand up, onto middle of chest.

That is our “secret weapon.”  According to researchers at the HeartMath Institute and those in the field of neurocardiology, the heart is a brain centre as well, and sends more signals to the head brain than the other way around.  According to HeartMath:
“Communication along all these conduits significantly affects the brain’s activity, Science of the Heart states. Moreover, our research shows that messages the heart sends the brain can also affect performance.”

We can impact our thinking through speaking and listening more from the heart.
Try it! 

Think of the sixth extinction with your hand on your heart. Think of how you want to be during and through these times.  Think of what you want our new story for humanity to be.  Allow your heart to send the signals it wants to, to your thinking brain.  See if you can catch a wave.

Our new story can be one of increased love and connection together.

Would love to hear what your heart thinks!