Rachelle Lamb is a conflict whisperer, poet and wise woman.  So, when she posted an article recently on Facebook, suggesting it was worthwhile taking the time to read it, I paid attention.

The article, which I am leaving for you here below, is definitely worth the read.  I read and cried.

I had a similar reaction when I read a National Geographic article a few years ago, entitled “The Weedy Species.”  That article talked about how our species was taking over and crowding out other species on earth.  This article has a similar tone, in a way, but it is more smartly written, includes information I didn’t know about, and most poignantly, intertwines the writer’s relationship with Leonard Cohen throughout.

Please read this article. It’s quite lengthy so feel free to skim (I did and it still had major impact).  The most important thing is – click through please!

And, I’d love to know what you think.