Last January, I listed a few definitions of fundamental wellbeing. Jeffery Martin defined it as: “a relatively quiet mind, positive or peaceful emotions… that things are okay, regardless of life circumstances”
I added my definition: “a type of unwavering faith and a surrendering trust, that all is ultimately well.”
Most recently, I attended a streaming live event with Dr. Joe Dispenza where he revealed some of the newest research he and his team have been doing with regard to his meditations. I’ve been tracking Dr. Joe for years and had the opportunity to attend one of his one day live events a few years ago. He has had a profound impact on my thinking and approach to life, health and wellbeing, so I would be remiss if I didn’t mention him to you!
In particular, it was interesting today to learn that his “brand” of mediation style provokes both a parasympathetic response in our bodies as well as a sympathetic response. It’s most common for mediation to create a rest and digest kind of experience for us, which is the parasympathetic response.  Having a sympathetic response is associated more with stress – it’s an activation response.

How can his style of mediation stimulate both the parasympathetic and sympathetic responses? 
Well, when you really let yourself surrender to the experience he creates in mediation, it’s quite common to get to bliss and ecstasy states. It’s those states, shown through gamma brainwaves which create the sympathetic response. He and his team know that is happening as they hook up the meditators to electrodes at his retreat events.  In those states however, our bodies become activiated not through stress but through profound states of bliss and wellbeing!
It is this state of deep and prolonged fundamental wellbeing (if we want to call it that) that causes our biology to go through a reset. The reset can also reset disease states that were the blueprint pattern of the “old” personality.

This may seem far fetched to some of you, but reading his books, listening to the hundreds of people who have posted testimonials explaining their healings and now, hearing the accumulating research, it’s pretty profound.  His team is going for the vision that a visit to any doctor’s would involve a conversation not just about exercise and diet (if you have an enlightened doctor) but also meditation and breathe work.  That is an exciting prospect.
In the meantime, I don’t need a doctor to tell me how I feel when I do breathwork or Dr. Joe’s meditations, or other meditations. The impacts are palpable and entering those states is part of how I experience and define fundamental wellbeing.
How would you define fundamental wellbeing? What is important to you and what goes into it for you?
Would love to hear!
“Where we put our awareness, and for how long, maps our destiny.” … Joe Dispenza.