Tools to Care For Yourself in Conflict and Stress

Workshop Description:

Stress and conflict are at epidemic levels. They are also intertwined, one feeding the other in an indistinguishable cycle. This workshop is intended to help you break the cycle and deal with those times when you lose hold of yourself. A better understanding of what happens in stress and conflict is combined with tools to help with self-regulation to re-connect to yourself. Changing your state changes your traits and positively impacts you, your team, organization and world.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How to strengthen yourself for resilience in stress and conflict
  • The key beliefs that keep you stuck in conflict and stress and which ones strengthen your connection to yourself
  • What are brain states and which ones to be aware of
  • How to use mindfulness to identify brain states for self-regulation
  • Which tool to use to self-regulate and create joy, depending on your brain state
  • The importance of repair in restoring relationships

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    What Others Have Said About:

    Hold On To Yourself – the workshop

    From The University of Victoria Human Resources department, October, 2021

    “What did you like most about this session course?”

    • “This course covered more than I was expecting- lots of helpful tools!”
    • “I really enjoyed that we had a book that we read before each session as it really helped with my learning and is something I will refer back to.”
    • “Content, book, Julia’s passion, enthusiasm, experience and knowledge!”
    • “So many insights gained. Many useful tools for going forward.”
    • “Julia’s engagement and depth of knowledge. It also seemed to be a very ‘sharing’ group – perhaps Julia can take credit for that as well.”
    • “Julia is such a great presenter, instructor, and mentor. I have really enjoyed her sessions.”
    • “Brought all the concepts together on why we practice self-care and how that affects our day to day life !!!! Brilliant course!”


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