I’ve been following Jem Bendell for years.  He is a Professor of Sustainability Leadership at the University of Cumbri and founder of the Deep Adaptation Forum.
In July 2018, he released a paper on dangerous climate change and societal collapse.
His paper inspired me such that my podcast co-host Gordon White and I researched how to have either Jem or someone connected with him on our show.  We did have the privilege of interviewing Herb Simmens who works closely with Jem and is a leader in his own right.
Recently, I heard Jem Bendell talk about Michael Shaw.  Michael was also inspired after reading Jem’s paper.  As a result, Michael sold his house and decided to make a documentary film entitled Living in the Time of Dying.
The film, according to Bendell, was Michael Shaw’s attempt to feel into our environmental predicament, and to find ways of  being kind and compassionate and curious and creative in such a context.
A quote from the trailer shows the flavour of the film:
“Each one of us, if we go out and really listen as closely as we can, then I do believe that if we do that the right way, each one of us will get what’s ours to do. And in that way the earth is the organizer.”
This seems a good way to live and to die.  To expect the best and prepare for the worst.