I recently watched the newly released Netflix movie “Don’t Look Up.” I honestly didn’t want to see it. I already know we are not looking up; why would I want to remind myself of that?

But, as I was saying to my divine hairstylist James today, as he played with my hair and did his magic, I think the movie changed me!

Before watching, I used to think:

“Well, we are in the sixth extinction as a species, so my best response is to be a compassionate hospice nurse. I want to be as loving as I can be and as kind as I can be to myself and others. We are dying. I can be a midwife to death!”

That seemed a settled perspective.

But today, in the hairdressing chair and in dialogue with James – I asked if he’d seen the movie.

“No, not yet. But I want to – this weekend!”

So, I said what I’d said to a few others lately:

“Oh, don’t bother! Haha!”

“Why not?” says James.

“Well” I say “I already know we are not looking up. Do I need to be reminded?”

But in James’ capable silence, a new truth was revealed.

After watching the movie, I actually did get all fired up! I just hadn’t connected the dots!

A few days after watching the movie, I came actoss an article by environmentalist and conflict resolver, Thomas Homer-Dixon. It was originally published in the Globe and Mail on January 2 and it was disturbing. It talked about the possible dissolution of democracy in America and the possible impact or fallout for Canadians. Scary stuff.

In my heart-beating state, I was reminded of my anxieties about how to survive the sixth extinction. 

But all of sudden, the getting fired up started.

I thought – Thomas needs to meet Mark Gerzon.

Mark is someone who’s been on my onconflictpodcast.comand he’s worked with the highest levels of Amercian government. He is also someone who has advocated that leaders need to know how to be mediators to be most positively effective in governing. 

Music to my ears!

So, I emailed Mark and sent him Homer-Dixon’s article.  Then I sent the same article to another person I admire deeply and someone I’ve also had on my podcast (and have collaboratied with in the past) – Jane Morley.

Then I sent Homer-Dixon’s article around a bit more and all of a sudden an idea bubbled up:

These people need to talk with each other!  I emailed Mark and Jane and ran this idea by them. 

What about a Summit! 

A Summit where these fabulous thinkers could have the opportunity to speak with each other and dialogue about how they each see the issues. They could inform each other’s thinking and come up with something even more fabulous, innovative and creative than any of them could have thought on their own.

So, now, I have this Summit idea that was born out of the fire that started with watching “Don’t Look Up.”

That to me is a surprise! I’ve changed my energy from passive receiptivity towards the inevitable (which is also an important stance) to an energized one of action.  Both the feminine receptivity and the masculine action are the two ends of the pole of creation.

It is good to be accepting and to surrender. That is the flow of life! That is water.

And it is good to be fired up and moving forward! That is the drive of life! That is fire.

Thank you Leonardo. The movie was a gift to me!

Now I find myself pondering whether putting my energies into creating a Summit consisting of some of the key conflict thinkers talking about some of the most important issues of our day together – be valuable? We have serious risks and dangers to navigate as a species – including societal collapses in the face of wide-spread environmental, food supply and political chaos. 

It seems to me my profession, which specializes in helping people deal with conflict, needs to rally and communicate. What if they could come together to talk? What if their conversations could be recorded too and could be part of our podcast offerings so every one of you could listen in as well?

What do you think?

Here is one of my go-to people on the topic of environmental issues, Jem Bendell – just to add some gravitas.