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California has been grappling with large fires.  As I write this, Australia is experiencing debilitating fires.  That’s what’s on my mind.
Stress levels are going up around the world as we watch helplessly as the world burns.  In times of stress, there’s a tendency to blame others.  We want simple and direct solutions.
What I believe is we are not going to stop what is happening.  But what is happening is going to make it more imperative than ever that we cooperate. 
How do you see strengthening community?  If it’s to be, it’s up to each of us.
Author and scientist Joe Dispenza captures our imperative and the direction to go in, well:
“Adaption is the key to survival. Darwin said it’s not the strongest species that survive or the smartest. It’s the ones who are most adapted to change. It’s not about survival of the fittest, It’s about a community that cooperates and takes care of one another. Cooperation tends to be the landmark for species to survive…Instead of competing and trying to get there first, the new model is to work together and support each other.” 
Where are your communities?  Who are they and how can you strengthen the relationships and webs that make them whole?