I’ve been reflecting on environmental issues long before they were making headlines.  About 15 years ago, I helped start a local food security group in my neighbourhood, which I wrote a lot about when it was growing. Before that, I organized an environmental conference and would even volunteer for an environmental radio show (as a radio reporter – before the days of podcasts!).

I say this by way of setting a context for my remarks.

Where I am at these days, is thinking about fundamental well-being and its importance.  Why? I can see the future continuing to be chaotic, stressful and degenerative. Doesn’t sound like I live in a happy world, but I do. I work hard to continue to be balanced and as full of well-being as I can manage.

What I can see is that between COVID, the wars in Europe and elsewhere and the continued impacts of climate change, we are stressed as a species.

What I know for sure is we don’t act our best when stressed.

So – ergo – anything we can do to decrease stress and increase fundamental well-being is a priority.

In my books!

What say you?

“Stress is basically a disconnection from the earth, a forgetting of the breath. Stress is an ignorant state. It believes that everything is an emergency. Nothing is that important. Just lie down.” … Natalie Goldberg