Bruce Elkin has been a big mentor in my life and is the author of a few books – one of which is Simplicity and Success – Creating the Life You Love (Trafford, 2003). You can obtain his books at He also has a very well-written and inspiring e-newsletter which helps strengthening our capacity to create just about anything: robust health, thriving business, healthy relationships.

Marlena Field, a friend and coaching colleague, has a slim and simple book entitled Body-Centered Coaching – Using the Body as a Resource for Change (self-published, 2005). It is full of practical tools and stories about how to draw on our bodies as resources of information to help us in our decision-making as we navigate through life. A helpful read for those of us who support others to unleash their bigger selves! The best way to order Marlena’s book is online at

Gary Harper is a colleague from the Justice Institute’s Centre for Conflict Resolution, a mediator, trainer, and author. His book on conflict resolution is The Joy of Conflict Resolution – Transforming Victims, Villains and Heroes in the Workplace and at Home (New Society Publishers, 2004). It holds gems for those wanting to look at conflict more creatively. Harper’s descriptions of the mythic roles we take on for ourselves and put onto others is worth the price alone. Another valuable contribution is the perspectives he compiles from other seasoned veterans in his conflict resolution community. Well worth a read:

Ben Hoffman, Ph.D. is the co-founder of The Canadian International Institute of Applied Negotiation (CIIAN) and past Director of Conflict Resolution for the Carter Center. He has recently completed a compact little peace book entitled The Peace Guerilla Handbook. The book is a great motivational boost for peacebuilders – suggesting we need to fight for peace and work to transform power from the kind that is “power over” to one that is “power with”. For info on how to purchase your copy, email Dr. Hoffman at

Michelle LeBaron has written several books over her career and has a lot to say about conflict, culture and creativity. Michelle has taught in law schools and University dispute resolution programs at graduate levels, been a featured guest at Hollyhock Leadership Institute and a consultant and lecturer on intercultural conflict around the world. Her books include: Bridging Troubled Waters – Conflict Resolution from the Heart; Bridging Cultural Conflicts – A New Approach for A Changing World; and Conflict Across Cultures – A Unique Experience of Bridging Differences.

Tracy Piercy, CFP, a friend for 20 years, has ridden the financial ups and downs of life. I have never known anyone who knows more about money or who is more passionate about people learning about money than Tracy. She is a Certified Financial Planner, has had a regular money column in the newspaper and has a book out that’s in its third edition. It’s called Enlightened Wealth: Your Money. Your Life. Your Way. Check out the book and some of her inspiring money articles at

Dr. Elinor Powell, esteemed colleague (The Institute for Conflict Analysis and Management), wise guide and spiritual light, has written a conflict resolution book entitled: The Heart of Conflict – A Spirituality of Transformation (Northstone Publishing, 2003). This is a beautiful looking book (important to me!), with content that are also graceful and moving. For those with an interest in matters of the spirit as well as conflict, this is a thought-provoking and soul-stirring treat to read.

Jill Schroder is a colleague from the Centre for Conflict Resolution and has written a first book called Becoming: Journeying Toward Authenticity. The book is a set of personal essays with themes of transformation, self-awareness, authenticity. They act as an invitation for each of us to delve into our own lives and stories, reflect and share them, widening, deepening circles.Becoming can be ordered through Jill at or online at or the publisher’s website – A portion of the proceeds go to Families for Children (

Barbara Small, M.A. is a colleague with whom I’ve co-led a communications workshop – so I know she is very practical, humourous and experienced. She has two books out — What About Me, What Do I Want? Becoming Assertive, which offers practical tips and techniques for effective and assertive communication. This easy-to-read book is a practical and valuable resource for anyone who wants to improve their relationship with themselves and with others in their life. Her second book, Blah, Blah, Blah… Changing Your Negative Self-Talk, is also worth a look. To order or for more details visit

Jessie Sutherland is a colleague I met through the conflict resolution field. Her book entitled Worldview Skills – Transforming Conflict From The Inside Out , synthesizes reconciliation and peace-building literature and offers a new framework for reconciliation. Through story-telling and drawing on scholarly research, her book describes a set of worldview skills for culturally relevant approaches to address community conflict. It also details the personal work necessary for transforming relationships and creating conditions for reconciliation. I enjoyed her critique of Western approaches and her story-telling about her own experiences. The best place to purchase Jessie’s book is from her website at

Gervase Bushe teaches at Simon Fraser University and has left his mark on many leadership programs through his highly recommend book: Clear Leadership – How Outstanding Leaders Make Themselves Understood, Cut Through the Mush, and Help Everyone Get Real at Work(Davies-Black, 2001). I’ve seen Gervase talk a few times and really value his ability to put across communication topics in clear language. A must read for anyone who wants to increase their leadership capacity. His website also has great resources:

Brian Walsh focussed his PH.D. studies on how to enrich learning. His book on the topic, Unleashing Your Brilliance, allows us to capitalize on his years of research. It’s available on-line at Accelerated Learning, or “enriched learning” as Brian likes to call it, focuses more on you, the learner. It goes far beyond looking, hearing, and touching, into the unity of your mind-body. Some of the topics include multiple intelligences, emotions, whole-brain learning, hypnotic techniques, Kinesiology, and Neurolinguistic Programming. For more info on Brian’s work, check out

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