Are you a leader who cares, yet still wrestles with conflict?


Conflict takes 25 – 50% of every leader’s day. Not facing conflict means it goes underground, festering to a boil. Then, there’s either overt or covert conflict or factions form or someone leaves in distraught disharmony.

Sound familiar? What can you do? Lots! Let’s start with an assessment:

Stressed by conflict?

Hold On To Yourself

Avoiding a difficult conversation? 

Hold On To Yourself

Need to help others
with conflict?

Hold On To Yourself

Do you see yourself as a leader?

Do you want the world to be a better place?

Have you got plenty of heart & a pocket full of ideals?

If so, guess what?

At some point, you’re going to be faced with conflict!

Oh yes you will!

Look, I’ve met many, many inspiring leaders in my career as a mediator for almost 30 years. I’ve met leaders who you’d love! They inspire a shared vision! They empower others to act! They challenge the status quo! They encourage the heart!

Yet, the more you want to develop yourself as a leader, the more you need to know about conflict.

As a seasoned mediator, coach and educator, I’ve been called in to help hundreds of leaders transform conflict into a catalyst for learning, growth and transformation. Conflict can result in more empowered relationships, better decision-making, healthier workplaces and happier people.

Increase your conflict competence by staying cool in conflict, negotiating collaboratively and helping others resolve their own issues.

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