1. I thought I would share how powerful ‘Mirbubg Pages’ were for me. A friend gave me the book The Artist’s Way in 1997. I committed to the 12 weeks. I was steadfast and lived the practice so much that I committed to do it for 12 months. The day after my year was done my mother died. I know that my experience of her brief illness and transition would have been completely different if I had not gotten used to meeting myself on those blank pages every morning. I believe the practice helps you rediscover a truer version of your inner self than you can believe possible with the dive in. No life jacket required. Thank you Julia Cameron and thank you Julia Menard for the invitation.

    • Thank you for that powerful testimony, Peggy. And how journeying through such a big life heartache can be eased with ourselves as our own companion. Thank you!!

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