1. Thanks so much for another inspiring post Julia! It made me think (again) how precious life is. Never does this seem more poignant than when a dear friend or relative is ill or dying. Any yet why only remind ourselves of this important message at these crisis moments in our lives? I have started using the “WeCroak” App. I know it sounds corny but I heard an interview with the developers on Tapestry a few weeks ago and it made so much sense to me. The sole function of the app is to feed you with five randomly timed and selected quotes about life and death. You don’t have to read any of them but the ones I have received so far are profound and they do keep me more attuned to the preciousness of life and the fact that we are all on a journey towards death.
    Keep up the wonderful work Julia.

    • Thank you Kari! The “WeCroak” app sounds awesome! Bit by bit I’m slowly getting it – living with death at my side keeps me more plugged into life. Thank you!

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