1. I really like your recommendation to use “and” as an alternative to “or & but”, this is something I was taught to use in my written communications and often forces me to look at problems from a new perspective and seek a third way towards resolution.

    • Thank you for your perspective, David! I had no idea this tip is also taught as part of written communication! I love that you too find that it stretches your thinking! Appreciate this!

  2. Thank you Julia, not only for nother beautiful, powerful letter, but for your focus on real, respectful dialogue…something we desperately need if we are to move forward and heal. I’ve been addressing related issues in my blog as well… how can we be a “beneficial presence”, and bring out the better, kinder, saner tendencies in ourselves and each other. Here’s a link to my recent post–

    I love the tip about AND instead of BUT, and remember learning it in Con Res 🙂 Truly transformative, inside and out. Thanks for your work in the world.

    • Thank you Jill. Yes, let us join voices! It’s the time to do so. Thank you for your kind words – and your post link! 🙂

    • Thank you Jill. I really love reading your blog as well – with its bits of inspiration and callings back to our roots! 🙂

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