1. Can a schema be based on a relationship memory embedded from the past? My girlfriend and I have been reunited for 3 years, having dated in our twenties and reunited in our fifties after experiencing two marriages each in the interval.
    We each have spent many hours introspectively unraveling our decisions, behaviors and reactions to triggers. (We have a long distance relationship, Ottawa-Vancouver Island, hence the long hours on the phone digging deep into our thoughts and emotions. Keeps us connected).
    Digging deep we have found many answers to my reactions, we believe based in my subconscious recollection of our past relationship. So many of the insights are a reaction to what is happening today but are rooted in what happened 30 years ago. Often with enough digging we satisfactorily answer where the emotion has come from.
    Having the history with a partner who is interested in digging, has made for a very interesting relationship, as we have been able to grow our perspectives by discovering the source of the reaction buried deep in the subconscious memory and connecting it to a stimulus that happened in the “today” part of us.
    Make sense?

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