1. Julia,
    All three of your pieces this month hit home for me – grief work, optimism/realism, and blame/shame. I want to thank you for articulating these dynamics in such a personable way.

    In the past few days my world has shifted, as I’ve really grokked that all my Dad’s communications are coming now thru the filter of dementia. I’m all fired up about sharing what I’m learning, and/but at the same time feeling huge energy exchanges – big grief, deep insight, and listening in a whole new way (beneath the blame/shame), listening to behavior and validating what I hear, meeting my Dad where he is. Alienation melts away, love blooms.

    So you can see how your newsletter spoke wtright to my heart! I feel understood. Thank you. What a moon!

    • Thank you Susan. So beautifully said – to listen and validate what is being said underneath. Thank you for your connective message – it opens my heart further as well.

      • Julia,
        Thank you for your three topics for November. I used to read you but this time all the subjects reach me directly. Probably because it covers many layers of personal universe: the link with the ancesters, the position toward the global environment/future and the more personal way of expressing or not the feelings. You cover a lot with meaningful words and inspiring experiences. Good words for a dark November.

        • Thank you so much Louise! Your reaching out nourishing me too – human contact. The best elixir! Merci. 🙂


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